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Empower Your Mission

with Soul-Infused Presence

  • Talisman • Typeface & Symbology

    We offer a specialized technique to develop the symbol that represents your higher-purpose work. A talisman differs from a logo as it is charged to magnetize your tribe and brighten your shine. Creating a talisman for your business is our sacred practice of personalized symbology. It is completely unique to you, your soul vision, and your work. We combine mediums such as numerology, tarot, and sacred geometry to set the visual (and sometimes philosophical) foundation of your brand.

  • Soul Expression • Branding Essentials

    Design is everything. To create a brand that pops, you need an in-depth understanding of your brand personality, and visual assets that communicate that personality in a captivating and consistent way. But we take it a step further and go into your very core essence. The foundation of our branding work is to synthesize your soul-blueprint into your business presence. This alchemy is achieved with your personal numbers and numerology chart. With your birthday, birth name and business name we uncover and analyze your unique template of sacred geometry, tarot, astrological archetypes, and color codes. This is your individual energetic signature weaved beautifully into your business presence, designed to empower your mission and magnetize your tribe! You will be equipped with a complete set of marketing assets required throughout your business journey.

  • Magnetic Presence • Custom Website

    Aesthetics and functionality are our two core principles of designing a high-end website that will boost your brand to the next level. We build websites that are not only beautiful, but easy to navigate and manage. Before moving to web development, we design websites from scratch, custom tailoring it to meet your business goals and optimizing it for your big mission! Once the design is finalized and approved, we move on to the next phase which is coding and development where our best-of-breed development team converts the design into a unique WordPress site. With WordPress, you can make changes on your website from an admin area which is quite easy to understand, even for absolute beginners. As part of this package, we offer you a post-launch walkthrough to guide you through the process of making changes to the content of your site.

  • Jumpstart • Themed Website

    If you don’t have a lot of capital to invest, starting out with a template website built on Squarespace or WordPress may be in your best interest. This package is for you if you’re just starting your business / brand, don’t have an existing website and are willing to use one of our recommended themes. Template sites are themes or layouts pre-built by a third party, and we add in your brand elements into it (logo, branded artwork) and we can edit fonts, colors, etc., to match your brand style.

  • Divine Radiance • Photography

    The photography and imagery used in your brand is a major factor in determining your viewer’s actions on your site. This is the very first impression you make when someone enters your site, so of course, it needs to be epic! Our passionate photographers are ready to capture your divinity and radiance in full effect. This heart-work offers your users a delightful experience as you emanate your soulful essence, message and service.

  • Authentic Voice • Copy Writing

    Communication is key. We like to think of the words on your website not just as a marketing tool but as the bold and unique language connecting you to your customers in the most authentic way. The written word is a powerful thing. It has weight. When you’re clear in your wording and convey details in a concise way, it takes no convincing. That power of clarity carries through and gives integrity to every part of your business. Your brand feels magnetic, honest, and highlights the unique aspects of your business and who you are. Marketing it becomes easy. Our writing philosophies are designed to give life to your online presence and naturally inspire your viewers to sign up for your mailing list, order a product, or book a session with you. Copywriting with power, heart and personality makes your brand memorable and successful while elegantly delivering your message.

We create stunning brands & custom websites for visionaries,
creatives, thought leaders, & conscious entrepreneurs of all kinds.

As a full-service branding hive, we infuse your authentic vibration into
all areas of your online presence so you can radiate all that you are!

Blending beauty & vibration, we birth your power presence
through your personal & individual energetic signature.

The foundation of your brand is developed & strengthened with:
Numerology • Sacred Geometry • Tarot Archetypes • Astrology

Diana Paez

Meet The Artist

Diana C. Paez • Founder & Lead Designer

Diana is an award-winning designer and a passionate practitioner of the ancient and sacred language of numbers. With a design background in top-tier advertisement and her devotion to esoteric studies, she’s fused these gifts and skills together in 2015 to birth The Well. Her active involvement in conscious events, transformational festivals, and visionary communities fuels her mission as she activates a new breed of changemakers by linking multidimensional languages and interactive design to amplify their impact. Diana’s craft is greatly supported by her network of brilliant web developers, copywriters, photographers and animators. Diana is also a Production Team Member and Media Design Consultant for I.AM.LIFE Project, a Los Angeles-based conscious event production group that combines life-affirming art, music & media to create immersive, transformational experiences of interconnectivity.

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